Friday, January 2, 2009


Only Apple is innovating at the speed of light!

It's amazing to watch the kind of innovation that comes out of Cupertino, CA every year... ESPECIALLY with the new one-piece Aluminum body Macbooks. It's such an innovative idea to go beyond business grade plastic and start building laptops from high-grade aluminum. If you'd like to see more about Apple's unibody process, go to this link:

Reason #3: No need for McAfee virus programs!

I used to work for a company that supported McAfee security clients, and let me tell you... if I had NO other reason to buy a Mac, I would buy one simply for the fact that I would be able to avoid using anti-virus software, ESPECIALLY McAfee. So many users had issues with their computers, and McAfee didn't always help. The biggest issue was how often McAfee would bog-down Windows because it used so many resources... not to mention it was ALWAYS running. I'm so glad Macs don't have to deal with all that.

Reason #2: iLife ! (iMovie, iPhoto, etc)

Where else can you find such a stellar collection of media software?

What I love most about the iLife apps is that they are all so user-friendly. I opened up iMovie, uploaded a number of video clips, and without any need for reading documentation, dragged my videos up to the Project window and cut them into one long video. Piece of cake. The interaction within these applications is a breeze. They aren't bogged down with unnecessary settings; they're just plain simple. And they're just plain good-looking.

Reason #1: The MACBOOK...

The Apple Macbook. The most powerful, most beautifully crafted, most solidly-designed laptop available.

Let's face it... there are literally hundreds of laptops available for purchase out there, whether it be in a brick-and-mortar store, or online; and it's no easy task to set out on the dizzying journey of laptop-to-laptop comparisons. However, if you were to give a Macbook to anyone, and let them test it out for a few days, I strongly believe that the great majority of un-biased users would simply admit: "Whoa, this is so nice."